Can I edit multiple tasks at once?


Yes, you can utilize our batch task editing feature to update the attributes for multiple tasks at once. This does not mean that you can leave task comments in multiple tasks at once. You can only update the task attributes, such as title, priority, start/end date, etc.

This can only be done on the web version of Fieldwire. To do so, go to the Tasks page and hover your cursor over each desired task and click the checkbox that appears. As a shortcut, you can also hold down the Shift key on your keyboard to select multiple tasks in a row. Once you have selected the tasks you want, click on the "Actions" button at the top of the Tasks page (which will turn red once you've selected multiple tasks) and you can then edit those tasks in a batch action.


When you click on the "Actions" button, you will see the option to "Edit" the tasks or simply update the priority level. Selecting "Re-open" on Completed or Verified tasks will revert them back to their previous priority level. Selecting "Complete" or "Verify" will naturally set those tasks to those levels.

Selecting "Edit" lets you update all of the tasks' attributes. If you see a red "Conflict" for an attribute in this "Edit" screen, that means that all of the selected tasks have different attributes currently set (for example, the tasks might all currently have different assignees or titles). Editing those conflicting attributes will then affect all of the selected tasks and give all of them the same assignee or title.


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