Can I dictate notes in Fieldwire?

One convenient feature you can use while taking down notes in the Fieldwire app is the microphone option built into your device's keyboard. This allows you to dictate your notes, as opposed to typing them by hand, which can save you time and effort if you're on the go.
The microphone option should appear once you click the comment button at the bottom of the task window. You'll see your mobile device's keyboard appear, and depending on your device, the microphone button should either be to the immediate left of the Space bar (iOS devices) or directly above the main keyboard display (most Android devices, but the button may be placed elsewhere on the keyboard depending on your device).
The microphone option is available on all iOS devices that have iOS 9 or higher installed (which the Fieldwire app also requires). It should also be available on most Android devices, with the exception of some older devices that do not have more modern keyboards installed. But if you have such a device, you can still manually install one of the following Android keyboards to make the microphone option available to you:
Both of the above keyboards support all versions of Android that can run the Fieldwire app.
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