How can I force my verified tasks to archive?


Overview & background


Verified tasks will be automatically archived (and disappear from the plan) after 7 days. If your tasks are building up and you'd like to archive them more frequently, you can change the timeframe to 1 or 3 days within your project settings. Alternatively, you can change this to 30, 90, 365 or 3650 days if you'd like to view archived tasks for a longer period. 


How to view an archived task


If you ever need to refer back to an archived, they can be displayed on the tasks tab at any time. 


How to select an archive timeframe


Go to the Project Settings and scroll to 'Archive tasks', then select the appropriate amount of days for your project. If you are working on a fast-paced small remodel, you might want your verified tasks to archive automatically. If you are working on a large project with multiple trades, you might want your verified tasks to remain on your task dashboard for a few weeks to give a good overview on the progress of the project. 


Selecting automatic archiving timeframe



Note: This can only be done by Admins on the web.


More information


Tutorial video on Project Settings


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