How to the "@" and "#" signs work?


Fieldwire has a couple of quick-assign features to help you enter your information quickly and efficiently. 


You can use the 'at' sign (@) while writing in a task to quickly assign categories and assignees. For example, if you were to type "@Javed @HVAC" in a task, that task wil be assigned to Javed and will be associated with the HVAC category.

You could also do this for multiple people, such as writing “@David @Javed @HVAC,” and the task will be assigned to both users. Both receive notifications, however the first user in the comment (in this case, David), would be made the assignee of the task.


Hashtags (#) help you add further structure to your project. If you include a hashtag within a task, such as writing a comment that reads "This is related to #RFI_41," it will generate a new hashtag that you can then use as a filtering tool. So you could then write "#RFI_41" into another task in order to associate the two together.

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