How do I copy my tasks to another project?


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It can be very helpful to know how to copy tasks from one project to another. This article details in a step-by-step fashion how to copy tasks to a different project.

To copy over tasks from one project to another, you can export the tasks in CSV format, then use the 'Import Tasks' function.

This will allow you to import task attributes: title, priority, category, assignee, start and end dates, plan, position on the plan, manpower, cost, hashtags, related task, checklist, and file. This process will not copy over the body of the task or any other attachments.

Copying Tasks Between Projects


Step 1:

Export Tasks

Within 'Tasks', select 'Generate Reports', then 'New Report', and specify the type 'CSV' which will export the tasks in a spreadsheet format. You can filter to refine for the tasks you'd like to export, then send yourself the file.



Step 2:

Open the CSV report (received via email)

Tasks are displayed in a table. Delete out the rows you don't need, leaving only the tasks you'd like to import.


Step 3:

Import tasks

Open your project and select 'Tasks', then 'Import Tasks'. Here you can copy and paste the task information that you would like to import. 






Red cells indicate where categories, plans names, etc. are inconsistent between the old and the new projects. You can either just delete this information, or manually change it to match the new project. If there are many red cells, simply cancel the import and set up the new project with the same attributes before completing the import.

For detailed instructions, be sure to check out our tutorial video below!


Exporting and Importing tasks video


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