How can I edit, resize and duplicate my markups?


Overview & background


You can edit, duplicate, and resize markups on both the web and mobile versions of Fieldwire. This is useful if you would like to adjust various elements of a markup. 




On the web version, right-click on the markup in question and select "Details". You then have the options to edit various elements of the markup, including the color or line thickness. You can also view details about who made the markup and when it was made.

You can duplicate the markup on the plan by selecting the "Duplicate" option. If you hold the "Shift" key after you select "Duplicate", you can duplicate a markup without having to select "Duplicate" each time. 

The "Move / Resize" option allows you to edit the length/size of the markup in question.



If you choose to "Move / Resize" the markup you can adjust only that markup.
To adjust the size or placement of multiple mark-ups at once, select the "move markups and tasks tool" (indicated below).



On the mobile version, just click and hold down on the markup and you'll see the same options to edit, resize, and duplicate appears. This works for tasks and file links as well.


On Android


On iOS



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