How do I reset my password?


Overview & background


This article includes instructions and a video of how to reset your password and there are troubleshooting steps should you run into difficulty. 


When to reset your password

  • Cannot log-in.
  • Account is 'Locked'.
  • Error message that your email/password is invalid.


My account is locked!


Your Fieldwire account will be locked after 3 failed attempts to log in with wrong email address and/or password.

This is a security measure that our system takes to prevent anyone other than yourself from trying to access your account. If your account is locked, just reset your password by following the steps below.


Password reset instructions


If you’re having trouble logging in because you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking "Forgot Password", either on the web Login page or on your mobile device.




After entering your email address, you will be sent a password reset email. From here, simply follow the instructions to create a new password.



Detailed reset password instructions for Web

[Note: you can also select "Forgot Password" through the app on your mobile device]

1. Go to the Fieldwire Homepage and press Login. Here you'll select "Forgot your password?"


2. Input your email address, and press "Reset Password".


3. You will see the following confirmation message:


4. Wait a couple of minutes and an email from containing reset instructions will be sent to your inbox. Check your Spam Folder if you don't see the email in your Inbox. Once you have located the email, press the link to update your password:


5. You will be redirected to a webpage where you can choose a new password. Enter your company name and input this new password twice and then press the "Change Password" button.


6. You're all set to access your Fieldwire account!


What if you do not receive the password reset email?

You can try:

  • Checking your spam folder for the email notification.
  • Waiting 10 minutes and trying again.
  • Rechecking the email you are entering into the password reset form.


Note: Verify you are accurately entering in the correct email address associated with your Fieldwire account before clicking 'Reset Password'.



Please also check out our Tutorial Video: Reset Password


What if I am still having trouble?


If you're having issues with this process, please contact or watch the short video below:


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