My Basic account is over-the-limit. How can I fix this?


Overview & background


If your Basic account has gone over-the-limit, then you will receive an email from us informing you that you must either upgrade to a premium account or delete some of your content within 10 days.

As a reminder, free Basic accounts have the following content limitations:

  • 3 total projects
  • 5 total users
  • 250 total sheets

Upgrade your account

You can keep all of your content and upgrade to a premium Fieldwire account, which allows you to have unlimited projects and sheets.

Upgrade by selecting the premium account plan option of your choice from our Pricing page.


Deleting your content


To reduce your content back within the Basic account limits, simply log into your account on the web (not the mobile app) and delete any projects, sheets, or users that have caused your account to exceed any limits. 

After the 10 day period is up and you have not upgraded or gone back within the free account limits - your account will automatically be blocked by our system. 

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