My Trial account is over-the-limit. How can I fix this?


If your Trial account has gone over-the-limit (and been blocked as a result), there are some easy solutions to resolve that.

As a reminder, free Trial accounts have the following content limitations:

  • 3 total projects
  • 5 total users
  • 250 total sheets

This means your Trial account is not allowed to have more projects/users/sheets than the amounts listed above. If you exceed any of these limits, you will receive an email notification stating so, along with a 10 day grace period so that you can see what using Fieldwire without content limitations (a benefit of our premium account services) is like. If you have not sorted out these overages by the end of that 10 day period, your Trial account is automatically blocked by our system.

But not to worry, you can easily sort out your account issues in one of two ways:

  • Reduce the over-the-limit content to fall back within the Trial limits.
  • Upgrade to a premium Fieldwire account plan.

To reduce your content back within the Trial limits, simply log into your account on computer and you'll be able to delete any projects, sheets, or users that have caused your account to exceed any limits. You can only log into your account and delete content on the web version of Fieldwire while blocked, not the mobile apps. Once you have deleted any over-the-limit content, your account should automatically be unblocked; if for any reason it isn't, be sure to send us a message at

If you want to keep all of your content and prefer to ugprade to a paying Fieldwire account, rather than delete anything, you can select the premium account plan option of your choice from our Pricing page.

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