How do I take 360º photos in Fieldwire?


Overview and background

Fieldwire users on the Business plan subscription can capture 360º degree photos by linking a Ricoh Theta camera directly to the Fieldwire app. The photos are viewable on both the web and mobile version of Fieldwire and are a speedy way to track the progress of your project. 

The only cameras that are currently compatible with the Fieldwire 360 photo feature are the Ricoh Theta S ,the Ricoh Theta V, and the Ricoh Theta Z1.


Step 1:

Connect your mobile device to the WiFi generated by the Ricoh Theta camera. Once your device is connected to its WiFi, open the camera option within Fieldwire in your tasks, the Photos page, or the Link markup tool on a plan.

With the camera open, select the 360º option. On the iOS app, this icon appears in the bottom right corner of the camera screen. On Android, you can locate the 360º option from the top right drop-down menu.


Step 2:

After selecting the 360º option, you will see a new window pop up titled "360º Photos." Fieldwire will then connect to the 360º camera. If Fieldwire does not connect, you will see an error message appear with some suggestions on how to connect your device successfully.

If you see an error message that states "Your camera is not currently supported" you may need to update the firmware on your 360º camera. Please check your camera's manual or specifications if you find yourself in this situation.



Once Fieldwire and the 360º camera are successfully connected, take your 360º photo with the camera by pressing its button. This 360º photo will download into Fieldwire and you can either take additional photos or select "Done" (iOS) or "Back" (Android) to finish.

Step 4:

When the photo is uploaded, you will be able to view it on any platform once it has synced over via the internet. 360º photos will have the appropriate 360º icon on their thumbnails, so you can easily distinguish regular photos from the 360º ones. When you click on the thumbnail to open the photo, you will be able to pan your device around in order to see the 360º photosphere.


Please note that only Project Admins and Members are able to add 360º photos directly to the Photos page or attach to plans. Project Admins, Members, and Followers will all be able to add 360º photos to tasks.

Tutorial Video on Taking 360º Photos 


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