One large project or many small projects?


Overview & background

If your company is working across many small sites and/or jobs, you can either capture each job in one Fieldwire project or separate each into multiple Fieldwire projects. 

This article lists the benefits of one large project versus many small projects.



One large project - the benefits

The main advantage to keeping all of your small jobs within one, single Fieldwire project is that your task dashboard (including calendar view) will show tasks across all of the jobs. You can then generate reports on these tasks. If you have the same team working across all of your jobs, putting them all in one Fieldwire project could be a good option as all of the information will be contained and displayed in one place. 

One thing to keep in mind is that Fieldwire uses OCR Scanning to automatically name and slip sheet new versions of drawings. Please note, if drawing numbers are repeated across these jobs, then you will need to manually name the drawings to avoid Fieldwire's automatic versioning. Manually naming your drawings can be a time-consuming process so if you have many drawing sheets, you may instead consider setting up multiple Fieldwire projects. 

Many small projects - the benefits

If you choose to separate your various jobs into individual Fieldwire projects, you can speed up project set-up by cloning your projects. Cloning allows you to quickly copy over your project settings, checklists, people, folder structure, and categories.

The main difference with this set-up will be the way that tasks are viewed. Project data is always kept separate from other project data, meaning if you want to view the tasks for one of your jobs, you'll need to open up that specific project to see them. However, you can copy standard tasks (not including the content within them) between projects by using the task importer

In this set-up, you will be able to upload plans to the individual projects without any versioning errors, allowing you to make use of Fieldwire's automatic OCR scanning and versioning capabilities. If you have large quantities of drawing sheets, this will save you a bunch of time on your projects!

FAQs & troubleshooting

These articles provide additional information about cloning projects and using version control.

More Information

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