Can I use Fieldwire while offline?


Overview & background

Of course! Fieldwire's apps work both on and offline. While offline, you can still access all of the information that has been synced to your device. You can also add new content, which will then get synced automatically to the project the next time your device has connectivity and you have Fieldwire open. 

Tip: After you have completed offline editing, ensure that you re-connect your device to WiFi and open the app. Fieldwire will automatically re-sync so the updated content will reflect on the web version. 

Note: While offline, tasks will not be assigned numbers. Once you go back online by connecting to a network connection of 10 Mbps or more, your tasks will be assigned task numbers. 


More Information


  • You can designate what information syncs across your project through Selective Syncing
  • Adjust Smart Synchronization on your device to help manage the amount of data you use
  • Ensure there is enough storage space if there is a large project on your device




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