What reporting options does Fieldwire offer?


Fieldwire offers several reporting options for your project. Currently, there are three ways for users to generate reports: 

  • PDF Summary -  This is more of a bullet point list (good for simple punch lists). 
  • Detailed PDF Report - A detailed report that has all of the project's content: images, annotations, etc. (good for daily Foreman meetings). 
  • Complete CSV (Excel) Export - An excel data dump that has all the information from your project (good for documentation purposes when a project ends - alternatively, good if you want to run custom analytics or reports for your crew).

For the two PDF reports:

  • You can choose to include the plans within the reports for additional documentation.
  • You can filter by category, owner and task status before generating the reports. 
  • These reports will be emailed to you, which allows you to quickly forward them on to your crew.

We also allow you to export your marked up plans as PDFs.  At the moment, you can do this from the individual plan page. You will need Adobe Reader to view them properly. The export will allow you to view the marked up final sheet, interact with the markups and even show you who created the initial markups.  

Example of the Summary report:


Example of the Detailed report: 


We also provide some helpful graphs that display all of your project metrics. You can view the completion rate of all tasks ever created, the priority and amount of all open tasks, and the rate of progress for your active tasks as well. These visuals will help you quickly gauge your project's status at a glance.

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