How do I use the plans tab on web?


Overview & background


Plan viewing and versioning is the backbone of Fieldwire. In the Plans tab, you can view all uploaded plans and add new ones to the project. You are also able to search for plans by sheet # and description in the search bar at the top of the page.


Plans tab



Plans tab functions


Add plans

You can upload plans that are PDFs (single or multipage), PNGs, or JPEGs. We do not currently support DWGs. 

For more information about the plan files Fieldwire supports, click here


Uploading plans by clicking on '+ New plan'



Selecting upload option to select sheets to upload


Note: You can upload from your computer, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, One Note, Gmail and from live hyperlinks.


Note: When you click '+' New plan' (see below) and upload from that flow, there is no sync or integration. You can manually upload plans from those sources. 



Tip: Fieldwire does offer a Dropbox/Box integration. For more information about uploading from Dropbox/Box 2-way sync (for Business and Custom subscribers only), click here.


Scanning plans

When you select files, they are automatically scanned by our OCR scanner and create links between the different plans. Fieldwire also automatically versions the plans for you.

For more information about scanning, click here.

For more information about automatic versioning, click here


Who can add plans and plan folders 

Only project Admins can add or delete plans. 

Only project Admins can add or delete plan folders. 


'Actions' menu

Once you select a plan, you can click on 'Actions' in red.

You can see the number of plans you selected as well as a list of 10 different actions you can perform. 


'Actions' menu on the plans tab



For more information about 'Compare', click here

For more information about 'Export', click here.

For more information about 'Scan number/description', click here.

For more information about to 'Edit scale', click here.

For more information about 'Batch edit', click here.

For more information about 'Manage tags', click here.


Total number of plans

You can see the total number of plans, including all versions, on the Plans tab.


How to see the total number of plans




Filter plans by Tags

You can filter plans by selecting hashtags you have created.

Filter plans by hashtags


For more information about how Plan tags work, click here


Version control 

Access version control for plans (if you are a project Admin).


Version control on plans tab



Tasks on plans

With the Plans tab open, you can select 'All tasks' to view the number of tasks related to each plan.

This number changes depending on which category you have selected (you can select 'All tasks' to show all tasks in all categories - see below).

Viewing number of tasks per plan on the plans tab




Number of plans in folders

See the count of unique plans in each folder. This does not count versions, just the number of uploaded plans.  

Number of plans in folders



More information


Video Tutorial on Uploading Plans



Video Tutorial on Advanced Plan Managment



Tutorial Video on Version Control



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