What are task attributes?


Overview & background


Creating tasks is a critical feature for tracking project progress in Fieldwire. Tasks are a catch-all for general to-do’s, deficiencies, observations, safety issues, etc.

Task attributes are the eight core features of tasks. These features combine to make Tasks in Fieldwire a highly useful prioritization tool for inputting data and then tracking project metrics and progress.


Anatomy of Task 




Definition of Task Attributes


1. Task title:

Can be edited at any time. View this article to understand what the icons to the left of the Task title mean.

2. Priority:

P1, P2, P3, Completed and Verified. There is a two-step verification process which you can learn about by viewing this article

3. Category:

Typically trades or type of work, however, categories can be tailored to your project by Project Admins.

4. Assignee:

The person responsible for the task, who receives an instant notification. Having a single assignee on a task creates accountability and makes it clear who needs to take an action.

5. Start and end dates:

Inputting dates will automatically display the task on the calendar view so that you can track all upcoming items with lean means and methods including Kanban priority, Gantt chart, or calendar view.

6. Manpower and cost: Optional text fields often used to track work associated with a variation.
7. Plan mini-map: A thumbnail of the plan associated with the task.
8. Related tasks: You can interrelated two tasks so they are associated with one another. 
9. Checklists:

You can add checklists line by line and you can add checklist templates

10. Add attachment:

You can add a photo/file from 9 different file sources, add a 360 photo, link to an existing file, related a file from your Google Drive or even create a crop plan.

11. Email Task: You can email a task to yourself as either a PDF or in HTML format.


Tip: Location was newly added as a task attribute. Locations are another tool you can use to filter and organize tasks!


Additional features


Note: Each task is assigned a number. The number will not reset nor can the task number be edited. When working offline, your tasks will be assigned a number when the task is synced. Task numbers cannot be reset and when a task is deleted, the number cannot be recovered. 

Tip: Tasks have unique URLs. If you wish to reference a task you can click on the URL in the browser window with the task open. You can then copy and paste that URL and send the link to anyone else who has access to the project. They can click the link and view the task. 


More Information



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Video Tutorial on Managing Tasks

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