Using the People Tab (iOS)


This is where you can organize your project team. Manage users and add new ones by: 

  1. Inviting new users: Click on the “+” button in the top right corner to add new users. You will be prompted to enter each user’s email address, or you can choose from your device's Contacts list. Remember, Fieldwire is free for small teams (5 users or less), so start collaborating!
  2. Designating permission levels for users: Admin, Member, and Follower. There is also a fourth user level - Owner (the creator or owner of a project) - but this is not currently a visible title.
  • The core difference between Admins and Members is as follows: Admins have complete control over project plans, users, and tasks. Members cannot add/delete plans, and they cannot add users without approval from the Admin. They also cannot delete tasks unless the task has no content.
  • You may have multiple Admins on a project. Depending on how you prefer to manage your team, you can make everyone an Admin if you like (only a current Admin can grant this permission to another user). However, most folks prefer to set their PMs and Supers as project Admins, and most other users as Members.
  • Followers are users that are mostly only able to view certain aspects of the project, without being able to contribute themselves. They can view plans, but cannot add/delete them. They can create new tasks, and they can view tasks that are assigned to them, but they cannot delete any of them. They cannot alter categories and they cannot add markups, hyperlinks, or attachments.
  • To demote, promote, or remove users from a project, the Admin just has to click on the user’s name to pull up their information and update their access.

Clicking on a user’s name in the People tab allows you to edit their permissions (if you are an Admin), and also brings up their contact information. Members cannot edit another user’s information, for security and privacy reasons, but they can message the user if they have any inquiries. Admins are able to edit user contact information on the web.

For more information on user permissions, check out our FAQ article.



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