Using the Project Dashboard (Web)


After logging in, you will arrive at the Projects dashboard. Here you can: 

  1. View your active projects and select one to open.
  2. Reopen archived projects by clicking the "Show archived" link.
  3. If you are the project Admin, you can edit certain project settings by hovering over the project title and clicking on the gear icon that appears. Here you can edit the project title or owner, and can choose to archive, leave, or delete the project entirely. 
    • It's important to understand that if you delete or archive a project, you do that for everyone on the project. So please be careful if you are an Admin and select one of these two options.
    • The primary purpose of archiving a project is to remove it from taking up space on your device and keeping your project page uncluttered. 
    • If you are not an Admin, you can still leave a project from here.
    • Deleted projects can not be reopened.
  4. Access our tutorial videos or redirect to YouTube to view them. You can also manage your account settings and the people on your projects under your account's umbrella from these tabs.

To download our iOS and Android apps, scroll to the bottom of the page. While we suggest setting up your project from the web first, you should be sure to download the app and sync it before going out into the field, so that you have all your project files with you while on-site. 



You can create a brand new project by clicking on the large "+ New Project" button. Doing so will bring up a screen that will let you name your project, as well as the option to clone a previous one. Cloning a project means you can recreate aspects of another project in the new one. You can choose to clone only one or two of the available attributes (Categories, People, Checklists, and Folders), or you can clone all of them.


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