How do I use the task analytics view?


Overview & background


You can view your project analytics through the Task Analytics view in the Tasks tab. If you have a Pro, Business, or Custom account plan, you can also generate project reports here (this feature is not available on free accounts). You can see the scope of your project as well as the open / fixed rates on your project. 


Task tab view - selecting 'task analytics view' in upper right



You can generate reports by clicking the "Generate Reports" button and customize the information you want to be displayed in your report by filtering and sorting. You can also view all metrics for your tasks (active tasks, priority and completion rate) in some helpful graphs in the Task Analytics view.

Generate reports



If you study the graphs on this page, they can give you useful information regarding the total count of tasks you create once they've been completed and verified. These are great tools to measure the general progress and completion statistics for your project tasks. 






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