Using the Plans Tab (iOS)


Plan viewing and versioning is the backbone of Fieldwire. On the Plans page, you can view all uploaded plans and add new ones to the project. Specifically, on this page you can: 

  1. Add Plans. We strongly suggest you add and manage plans from the web. It is much easier to do this way. You can check out our guide for doing so on the Managing Plans page.
    • You can upload plans that are PDFs (single or multipage), PNGs, or JPEGs. We do not currently support DWGs. 
    • If you do choose to upload your plans via the app, you will only be able to add one doc at a time (so uploading via web browser is the best option).
    • Only project Admins can add or delete plans. 
  2. Search for a plan by name or description.
  3. See your recently viewed plans so you can pull them back up easily.
  4. Collapse or open all plan folders.
  5. See the plan name, description and task counter:
    • Task Counter: The number in the blue circle in the bottom right corner of each sheet indicates how many active tasks relate to that plan. This number changes depending on which category you have selected (you can select to show all tasks, or only tasks for certain trades).
  6. See the count of unique plans uploaded per folder (above each set of plans, on the left side of the screen). This does not count versions, just the number of plans included within.






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