Navigating Fieldwire (iOS)


Navigation in Fieldwire is designed to keep everything clear while you’re on the job. Once you’ve opened a project, tabs for all pertinent features and data will appear in the left column. There are four core tabs that you will utilize: Plans, Tasks, Files, and People.

1) Slide Views: To move between the Projects page, Project, and Core Navigation, use the top left / right icons to open new windows. 

2) Core Navigation:

  • Plans Tab - Clicking this tab will let you view all of your uploaded plan sheets, as well as create new tasks, markups, and hyperlinks.
  • Task Tab - Here, you are able to easily view, filter, and manage all of the tasks on your project. You can also change between a properties and calendar view. 
  • Photos Tab - All of your task photos and photos attached to plans will automatically be collected here. You can also upload photos directly to this page as well.
  • Files Tab - This tab collects all of the files associated with the project.
  • People Tab - You can manage all of the users working on your project on this page. Users are organized by permission access, and you can view their contact information by clicking on their name. 
  • Settings Tab - Where the project owner/Admin can update settings for the entire project.

3) Categories: When you create tasks, you can include the category they are associated with. Typically, people assign categories based on specific project topics or trades (e.g. HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical), but you can make a category for anything you like. If you only wish to view tasks associated with a certain category, just select that one from the list. Categories are also visible in the core navigation column, beneath the other tabs.


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