Why didn't my plans upload properly?


General Upload Issue:

If your plans appear to have failed to upload, we suggest you take the following steps:

  • Refresh your browser. You might have timed out / lost connection and the plans may actually have been processed. It might simply require refreshing to see them.
  • Wait 2-5 minutes and come back to see if they have begun processing. We can sometimes be processing thousands of plans at any time, and a large spike in uploads can cause a small queue to form. This can create several minutes of delay, where normally you would see your plans begin to appear in less than a minute. 

If there is still an issue, check your PDF. You could have a corrupted, invalid or password-protected PDF, which is keeping us from processing it. If that is the case, we suggest you open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat and "Save As" a new file, then re-upload it to Fieldwire.

There is also the very rare possibility that large plans with many layers of markings can have trouble processing successfully in Fieldwire. This is due to the file being too complex and requiring too much time to fully upload before the software rejects it. In situations involving files of this sort, the best solution is to simplify or split the sheet layers in order to make the file less unwieldy, then try uploading it again.

Auto-Hyperlink / Naming Issue:

After you upload your plans and we process them, we can often suggest the sheet name and create auto-hyperlinks from your drawing callouts. We do this by either algorithmically reading the PDF or using OCR (optical character recognition). If your plans have bookmarks on them (if you use Bluebeam, for instance) in the "Name - Description" format, our software will automatically read those and name the plan after the bookmark rather than from the OCR.

To improve the chances that we can do this well, we suggest loading a high-resolution vector (readable) PDF. Additionally, we create the auto-hyperlinks based off of the plan names. So if the callout says "A-201," and you elect to name the plan something like "A-201 rev.14," we won't be able to make the connection. As such, we suggest you add secondary plan information (description, notes, etc.) separate from the plan name. 

To ensure that your plans are readable, export them from AutoCAD to PDF in text format and make sure you use a TrueType Font and a PC. AutoCAD does not currently support text PDF exports for SHX fonts or Macs. You can read this article for more information.

Some other issues that can affect auto-hyperlinking include:

  • If the plan is a scan (not a vector PDF exported from Revit or Bluebeam).
  • The text within the callout is touching the callout border, which would partially obscure the OCR.
  • There are multiple plan number destinations within one callout.
  • The text is not horizontal.
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