What plan file types are supported on Fieldwire?


Overview & background

Plans are the backbone of your project. When you upload plans to Fieldwire, our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology will scan, name, and version your plans. The OCR seeks to automatically hyperlink callouts on your plan. 


What types of files can I upload?

Only PDF (single or multipage), PNG, and JPEG file types can be uploaded to the Plans tab. 

DWG files are not currently supported (we are always updating our software and adding new features, so this may change one day). In the meantime, you can export the DWG from the program you’re viewing it in and create a PDF, which you will then be able to upload into Fieldwire.

Note: Our OCR works best with text (readable) PDFs, so be sure to export your plans from AutoCAD to PDF in text format. Please also use a TrueType Font via PC to ensure hyperlinks can be auto-generated successfully. SHX fonts and AutoCAD for Mac are not currently supported by our software.

This article from the AutoCAD website, explains how to create selectable and editable text in AutoCAD. 

What is the size limit for uploading plans?

You can upload plans that are 1GB or smaller to the Plans section of your project. 

For all other files uploaded to the Files section, the file size limit is 25MB.

More Information

These resources will provide further clarification on Plans in your Fieldwire project. 

Video Tutorial on Uploading Plans



Video Tutorial on Files & Hyperlinks



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