Can I link tasks together?


Overview & background


Yes, you are able to associate tasks together with the related tasks feature. Creating what we call "related tasks" can be particularly useful if you wish to track dependencies or manage subtasks for your project, so your team will know which of the related tasks should be completed first and can keep track of complex jobs better.

 Note: If you move out a start/end date in a task, it will not automatically change the start/end date in the related task.


Why should I relate tasks?


If you have one task for fixing drywall related to another task for completing electrical wiring, your team now knows there could be a potential collision between trades and they need to coordinate with each other so the wiring gets taken care of before the drywall.


Related Tasks section of a task on the web 


How you can relate tasks


Here, you can either add a brand new task to relate to the current task or tie an existing task to it instead. Choosing to create a new task will pull up a title field, and you can fill out the new task information afterwards. Selecting an existing task will pull up a search field so you can find the correct task to link.


Typing in a keyword and the relevant task appears

Tip: You can also search by task number.


What related tasks look like


Once you have created a relationship between the two tasks, they will both appear within each other anytime you open either one. You can make as many relationships between as many tasks as you like.


A task on the web with a related task


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