How do I view the Version History of Plans?


Overview & background

Version control lets you decide which version of your drawings you would like to view.

When you upload a new version of your plan, Fieldwire slip sheets the new version on top of the old version to transfer all of the markups, annotations, and attachments to the new version.
By default, each version is stamped with the date it was uploaded.

Read more about this in this article: Uploading plans & Resolving version conflicts

Previous versions of the plans will have a red watermark in their center to make it clear that you are not viewing the current versions. 
The latest version will always display first.

View Version History

For multiple plans

On the 'Plans' tab Select the 'Version control' option.


This displays the history of all plans which have been uploaded to the project.




If you upload a multi-page document or multiple individual sheets you can:

  • 'Expand' and view the description and notes of each sheet.

  • 'Edit' and adjust the Version description of each sheet (this defaults to the date of upload, ex: 2019-09-14).

  • 'Delete' the version set, if it was uploaded in error. 
    • If the plans you delete have versioned (you have resolved the version conflicts) you will lose the markups that have pushed to those plans. The best time to use this option is if you are prompted to confirm plan names or resolve version conflicts. 

Note: Only Project Admins have access to the "Version Control" feature. 

For individual plans

Select the 'Version Control' option to re-order, adjust the version description, or delete previous versions of a plan.


Hover your cursor over a specific version and you should see some arrow buttons appear that will change the order that this version is displayed in. This comes in handy if you accidentally upload the sheets in the wrong sequence or if the plans have incorrectly versioned. 



  • "Edit" the Version Description, Notes, or delete the sheet. 

  • Select the arrows to change the order of which sheet is displayed first. 



View different Version Sets

Fieldwire allows you to filter plans by version set. 

You can isolate sheets from a particular upload or revision set using the Version Description.
This assists with document control and identifying scope changes from drawing sets. 

Version description defaults to the date of that the Plans were upload in Fieldwire (ex: 2019-09-14) You can adjust this from the 'Version Control' option on the 'Plans' tab, after choosing to 'Edit' the set. You can also adjust the version description from a particular part of the plan. 


Filter by Version Set

On the 'plans' tab, select 'Filter Plans' to bring up the 'Filter Plans' pop-up window. 




Fieldwire will auto-complete the name of the version set as you begin to type-- by default, the version description is the date of upload, ex: 2019-09-14.




More Information

Tutorial Video on Version Control



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