Can I edit the OCR scan location on my sheets?


Yes, if you want to change where the OCR scans for sheet names or descriptions on your drawings, you are able to easily do so. This is useful if the placement or alignment of the sheet names or descriptions is not consistent, or is otherwise tricky to automatically read on your plan sets.

First, log in on the web and go to the Plans page of your project. Select the sheets that you want to re-scan by hovering your cursor over the plan thumbnail and clicking the checkbox that appears in the top left corner of the thumbnail. Or, if you want to re-scan the whole set, select the checkbox next to the name of the set/folder. Then, click on the red “Actions” button at the top of the page and select “Scan name(s)” from the dropdown menu.



Next, you’ll see a sample sheet from the ones you’ve selected appear in a new pop up window, and you’ll see the red name and description scan boxes with a directional arrow in each box. Zoom in and then drag the corners of the scan boxes to resize them to the appropriate length, width, and location on the plan that you would like the OCR to scan your sheets.



Once you’ve resized and placed your scan boxes in the desired areas on your plan, hit the blue “Process” button to begin the OCR scan. You can also uncheck the “Sheet #” or “Description” boxes next to the “Process” button if you don’t want to re-scan that particular information. Once the re-scan is completed, your sheets should now have the correct names and descriptions. You can repeat this process as much as you like, if need be.

The scan boxes need to placed in the same location on every sheet in order to read the text you choose to scan, so we recommend scanning each plan set one at a time rather than scanning multiple sets at once. This is because different sets are often aligned differently, and so placing the scan boxes perfectly on one set might not line up perfectly in another set.


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