Can I use Fieldwire on my Windows device?


While we do not have a fully operational native Windows app just yet (we do have a beta version live now, but it does not function while offline), there is a way you can still use Fieldwire on your Windows device. With the help of BlueStacks, you are able to run our Android app on your Windows Surface, PC, or Mac computer.

To do so, download BlueStacks here and once the program installer has finished, open up BlueStacks and search for “Fieldwire” in the search bar at the top of the page. No search results should appear, however there will be a link to open up the Fieldwire Android app page. Click on that to connect directly to the Google Play Store (you’ll have to log into your Google account or create a new one to access the Play Store).



Once you’ve connected to your Google account, you have to set up your BlueStacks account and enable syncing between the Play Store and BlueStacks. These are pretty straight forward steps, and once completed, you can open up the Fieldwire Android app page and download it on your device. You’ll likely see a pop up screen asking you to complete account setup and add payment options, but you can just press the “Skip” button since Fieldwire is free to download.



After downloading the Android app though BlueStacks, simply log into Fieldwire like you normally would and you’ll be able to access your Fieldwire projects on your Windows device! To access Fieldwire from then on, just open up BlueStacks in your Windows launch menu (or a desktop shortcut) and launch Fieldwire from there.




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