Why aren't my Dropbox/Box files 2-way syncing?


Overview & background

Plans that you have uploaded to Fieldwire via Dropbox may not sync due to various reasons. This article provides reasons why the sync may not be working as well as how you can remedy the issue.

Potential reasons


Issue Context Resolution
Renaming the plan file

Plan file names for each version must remain identical in order for our software to recognize that the latest plan is, in fact, a new version of the existing plan in Fieldwire.

If you rename a version, it will not overlap with the existing version in Fieldwire.

You can rescan the drawings to bulk edit the names of the newly uploaded plans to match the preexisting plans in Fieldwire.

You can also batch edit the plan names

Using a different Dropbox/Box account to upload plans

If new versions of plans are uploaded from a different Dropbox account than the original account, this will disrupt auto-syncing because Fieldwire will not be able to access the original Dropbox account and files.


Our software won’t recognize that each sheet version from each different account is for the same plan.

You can disconnect and reconnect the correct Dropbox or Box account by referring to this article.
Selecting a different upload method

If you originally uploaded plan files via Dropbox, then upload new versions of those files using another upload method, such as “My Computer” or Box, our software will read those new versions as entirely different plans, and as such, they will not overlap the existing versions.


In general, it’s best to choose an upload method when first uploading a plan and then sticking with that method for every new version of that plan going forward. If you do not, the versions will not overlap as they’re supposed to.

Select one upload option only and only use the upload option you select.

With 2-way-sync you can choose  Dropbox or Box or the 'My computer' upload option.

Failing to re-authenticate your account If you are ever prompted by email to re-authenticate your Dropbox/Box account, be sure to do so, otherwise syncing between Dropbox/Box and Fieldwire may cease.

You can reauthenticate your account by doing one of the following three actions:

1. Click the link the email you receive about re-authenticating.

2. Go to the Project Settings page and click 'Connect' in the integrations section.

3. Click '+ New plan' and select Dropbox/Box. 

Renaming or moving the "Fieldwire" or Project File If you rename or move the root "Fieldwire" folder in Dropbox/Box, syncing between Dropbox and Fieldwire will cease. If you rename or move the Project File in Dropbox/Box it will rename the Project and may cause synchronization issues Do not rename folders in Box/Dropbox. 


Folder structure in Box & Dropbox 


You should also ensure that the Folder set-up in Dropbox abides by the structure below.




Troubleshooting Tips


It can be helpful to attempt to re-establish the connection between Dropbox and Fieldwire. You can do this from the 'Plans' tab on the web version of Fieldwire. First, you will need to disconnect your Fieldwire account from Dropbox: 

You can disconnect from the "Plans" tab


You can also disconnect from the 'Settings' tab


To re-establish the Dropbox connection, select '+New Plan' and choose the Dropbox icon. Select "Connect" and you will be prompted to sign into your Dropbox account once more. 


More Information

This resource explains Dropbox/Box 2-way syncing in further detail.

Tutorial video on  Dropbox / Box 2-Way Syncing

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