Why aren't my Dropbox files 2-way syncing?


There are several reasons that syncing might be disrupted for plans that you have uploaded via Dropbox. The most common reasons are:

  • Renaming the plan file: Plan file names for each version must remain identical in order for our software to recognize that the latest plan is, in fact, a new version of the existing plan in Fieldwire. If you rename a version, it will not overlap with the existing version in Fieldwire.
  • Using a different Dropbox account to upload plans: If new versions of plans are uploaded from a different Dropbox account than the original account, this will disrupt auto-syncing because Fieldwire will not be able to access the original Dropbox account and files. Our software won’t recognize that each version from both accounts are for the same plan.
  • Selecting a different upload method: If you originally upload plan files via Dropbox, then upload new versions of those files using another upload method, such as “My Computer” or Box, our software will read those new versions as entirely different plans, and as such, they will not overlap the existing versions. In general, it’s best to choose an upload method when first uploading a plan and then sticking with that method for every new version of that plan going forward. If you do not, the versions will not overlap as they’re supposed to.
  • Failing to re-authenticate your account: If you are ever prompted by email to re-authenticate your Dropbox account, be sure to do so, otherwise syncing between Dropbox and Fieldwire may cease.
  • Renaming or moving the "Fieldwire" or Project File: If you rename or move the root "Fieldwire" folder in Dropbox, syncing between Dropbox and Fieldwire will cease. If you rename or move the Project File in Dropbox it will rename the Project and may cause synchronization issues. 

If you wish to rotate a Dropbox-uploaded plan in your Fieldwire project, you must rotate it within Dropbox first. Fieldwire will the auto-sync that update and rotate the plan for you in your project. If you try to rotate the plan in Fieldwire first, it will not work.

We also recommend that you only use Dropbox to upload single-page PDFs of your plans. If you have multi-page PDFs of plans, using the “My Computer” option might be the better option.

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