What mobile device size and data capacity do you recommend when using Fieldwire?


Overview & background

Fieldwire works across most iOS and Android devices. The size and capacity of the mobile device you use is up to you. However, we recommend selecting a smartphone or tablet that has a decent amount of storage and memory available (see below) if you plan to use Fieldwire for many large projects.


Device specifications


For information about specific device specs, please refer to this article that details the operating system to use.


Plan Storage


While these sizes may vary, a single plan file usually takes anywhere between 1-5MB of space (3MB on average), so if you have 1000 sheets in your project, that can take up 3GB on the device on average.

Note: You could utilize the selective syncing feature to help mitigate any storage/space issues.

For mobile devices in general, we typically recommend a 64GB or higher device for projects with several thousand sheets. 

Fieldwire will only download high-resolution plans if your mobile device is connected to the internet-- it's always a good idea to have WiFi enabled when you first download new plans on your device. This is also true if when you first download your project(s) on your mobile device, or if there are several project updates that you need to sync to the device. A WiFi connection of 10 Mbps or more will always make this process run smoother.

Tip: To preserve optimal functionality you can test whether your upload speed is above 10 Mbps on www.speedtest.net.


Photos and Files


Photos and other files you upload to your Fieldwire project are cached based on your device's storage space, which varies between users. It also depends on the brand of the device you use. For example, Android devices will only cache 2GB worth of photos and miscellaneous files, regardless of your Android device's actual size.

iOS devices, on the other hand, will allow more cache space the larger the device:

  • 2GB of storage on a 16GB device
  • 4GB on a 32GB device
  • 8GB on a 64GB device
  • 16GB on a 128GB device, etc.

The most recently uploaded files and photos, as well as the most regularly viewed files and photos, are always at the top of your cache list, in order to support the files and photos that you need to access most often.




Field Training Tutorial Videos

These tutorial videos will provide some additional tips and guidelines about using Fieldwire on iOS and Android devices. 

On iOS

On Android


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