How do I add a checklist?


You can add a checklist to your tasks easily in Fieldwire. Just open up the task on the web and locate the "Checklist" section. You will see the option to either add a single check item, or add an entire checklist. If you select "+ Add Checklist," you can choose between an existing checklist already saved in your project or creating a brand new checklist.

If you select the "New Checklist" option, you will see the checklist template window appear. You can either add each check item by hand, or, if you already have a checklist written up in another document outside of Fieldwire, you can copy it and then paste it directly in our template. Then click the "Save as Checklist" button in the bottom right corner of the screen (next to the blue "Post Checklist" button) and that checklist will be saved within the project so you can add it to any other task from that point on.

You can currently only add single check items on the Fieldwire mobile apps, not entire checklists. To do so, just locate the check item option down at the bottom of the task window and type out each item. For iOS users, you must click the general Comment bubble in order to pull up the check item option.


Adding a Check Item on Android:


Adding a Check Item on iOS:

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