How can I filter by location?


As your project progresses you will build up more and more tasks, so the ability to filter those tasks will become increasingly important. One way of doing this is through the 'Location' field. This is a fully customizable field to describe where the task occurs, for example:

- Building (Building 1, Building 2, etc.)
If your project contains multiple buildings or structures, you can use the building number or name as the location description. 

- Level (P1, P2, Lower Podium, Podium, L1, L2, etc.)
High rise building structures (residential and commercial) will use the level number or name to define the location.

- Chainage (Mile 1+00, 2+00, 3+00 etc)
This is particularly relevant in transportation such as highways and rail projects.

- Zone (Zone A, Zone B, etc.)
For school or hospital projects, your locations may be defined by zones or wings.

- Apartment number (Apt 101, Apt 102, etc.)
For residential projects you can define your locations as the apartment, lot or house number.

If you've decided you'd like to use the location feature and need to apply these to multiple existing tasks at once, you can use Fieldwire's batch edit feature to speed up the process

Creating New Locations
To create a new location, simply select "+ New Location" on web (or on mobile)



Once you've set up your location filters, they can be used to refine your reports. This is particularly useful during the punch process as it allows you to generate a report specific to the area that has or will be inspected.





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