Can I share a plan from my Fieldwire app?


Overview & background

Using the Fieldwire iOS app, you can email a snapshot of a plan directly from your device. Full plans can be distributed as PDFs, and partial plans as a flattened image file. These allow you to quickly communicate a particular area that you are working on. 

However, if you are communicating an issue or an action item, it is recommended that you instead use a Fieldwire task with a crop plan, as this can be tracked through to completion within the Fieldwire platform.


Decide how you'd like to share your plan.

If you'd like to email a cropped plan, zoom in on the area you'd like to share, select Export (top right of the screen) and select cropped image. If you'd like to export the entire plan, select PDF Export. This will navigate you directly to your default email app within your device.

On an iPad



On an Android tablet



Select whether you'd like to share a full or cropped plan.  Screenshot_20190218-142612_Fieldwire.jpg

Note: Full plans will export as a PDF while cropped plans will export as images. 


Enter the email address and send.

This email will include the project and sheet number, and the plan will be in the body of the email.

Cropped plans on an iPad (flattened image)



Full plans on an iPad (PDF link)

Cropped plans on an Android tablet (flattened image)

Full plans on an Android (PDF link) 



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