What keyboard shortcuts does Fieldwire offer?


Keyboard shortcuts are an effective way of using your keyboard to create markups that you would normally do using a mouse.

Currently, when you are in the ‘Plans’ section of Fieldwire and are viewing a specific plan on a computer, you need to move your mouse and click on the markup tool you wish to use.

Now you can use a selection of 15 keyboard shortcuts to do markups without needing to manually select the action you would like to take using your mouse.

To view the Keyboard Shortcuts menu, click 'SHIFT + ?' and the menu below will appear in Fieldwire when you are viewing a plan.


Markup Keyboard Shortcuts




All shortcuts that include an upward arrow ( ) indicate that you need to hold down the ‘SHIFT’ key while pressing the additional letter/function key.

For example, to use the add polygon shortcut, hold down ‘SHIFT’ and press the letter “p”. Once you release both keys, you should see a “Click to add Polygon” function on your mouse.

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