Syncing issues? Troubleshooting on an iOS device


iOS / Apple users


Step by step troubleshooting actions


Step 1: Refresh the screen - Within the Fieldwire app, go the 'Plans,' 'Tasks,' or 'Project' list page and use your finger to swipe down the screen. That should refresh the app. You should see a blue bar moving along the top of the screen.


Step 2: Force quit the Fieldwire app and reopen - Force restart the app by double-clicking on the Home button and swiping up on the Fieldwire app to close it. Reopening the app should start the sync.


Step 3: Force re-start your device - Hold down the power and home button until you see the Apple logo appear. Then, open the app.


Step 4: Log in and log out - Log out of Fieldwire and then log back in.

Important: iOS users will not lose their data - Android users will lose the unsynced data if the login and log out.


Step 5: Re-sync the Project by using the 'Synchronize Data' function - found on the 'Profile' page.

Important: Performing this action will remove and replace all the information on your device. We recommend you only take this action if you have time to re-download the content while connected to WiFi. Keep the app open while the data is repopulating.

Note: You will not lose any new data that has not yet synced.


You can do this by navigating to the Dashboard by clicking on the drop-down in the upper left part of the screen.




Then, you can scroll down and select 'Profile'.




Finally, select 'Synchronize Data'.






Step 5: Uninstall and reinstall the app.

Important: You will lose all data that has not yet been uploaded. This is the last troubleshooting step you should take.

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