Syncing issues? Troubleshooting on an Android device


Overview & background


If you are experiencing syncing issues or it seems like there is something glitchy or unusual happening, then you can follow the troubleshooting steps listed below.


Step by step troubleshooting actions for Android devices


Step 1:

Refresh the screen - Within the Fieldwire app, go the 'Plans,' 'Tasks,' or project list page and use your finger to swipe down the screen. That should refresh the app. You should see a blue bar moving along the top of the screen.


Step 2:

Force quit the Fieldwire app and reopen - Click the 'Recents' button at the bottom of your device (of the three buttons on the bottom of your device, it should be the one furthest to the right) and swipe away on the Fieldwire app to close it. Then reopen. 


Step 3:

Re-start your device - Power off your device and wait 1-2 minutes before turning the device back on. 


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