Why aren't my plans syncing?


Overview & background


Given how many factors affect data syncing at given time, there can be one-off events when data may not sync between devices as expected.

Core factors affecting data syncing include:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Cellular data connectivity
  • Device storage space
  • Device-specific hardware issues
  • Device operating system 

Tip: It is helpful to keep in mind that with the various factors listed above that affect data syncing, following the basic technical troubleshooting techniques below can often solve the issue. 


Troubleshooting steps for syncing issues


Step 1:  Do you have multiple Fieldwire accounts? 

Step 2:  Did someone remove you from the project?

Step 3:  Is your WiFi speed 20 megabits per second (Mbps) or faster?

Step 4:  Does your mobile device have enough storage space?

Step 5:  Am I using the most updated operating system and version of Fieldwire?

Step 6:  Is the issue a technical issue? If so, review the articles below for step by step troubleshooting guidance:

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