Do you have multiple Fieldwire accounts?


Question: When you receive notifications from Fieldwire, do they appear in more than one email account? Do you log in using multiple email addresses (one personal and one company account)?

  • If yes, please confirm you are logged into the correct Fieldwire account.
  • If no, then the issue may be an account or technical issue and we recommend reviewing other troubleshooting steps in this article.

Solution: Check which account you are logged into on the upper right of your Fieldwire home dashboard. Then, select 'Profile Settings'. You can then view the email associated with the account you are logged into. Review the images below for more information on how to perform that action. 

If you are logged into the incorrect account, then log in to the correct account. If you cannot access your account because you forgot your password, please review the Password Reset email Help Article. 







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