What if I am not receiving reports?


Overview & background


At times, there can be login, email account or even technical issues that prevent you from receiving reports. This article will help you troubleshoot the non-technical issues that may be why you are not receiving reports.


Email issue - are you using the correct email?


Question: Did you enter the correct email when you created your account?

Tip: Look at your profile settings to confirm if you are logging in using the correct email address. 





  • If there is an error in your email address, change the email address on your account.
  • If there is no error in your email address, please also verify that you entered the correct email when you sent the report.



Solution:  Change your email address if there is a typo. Re-enter the correct email address when you send the report.


Email filters issue? Did you check your spam or junk folder?  


Question: Is the email from Fieldwire being sent to your spam/junk folder?


Tip: The folder may be called "Spam" or "Junk" depending on your email provider.

  • If yes, then follow the directions in the email and ensure that Fieldwire is removed from your Spam/Junk list.
  • If no, email support@fieldwire.com

Solution:  Add Fieldwire as a known email domain to your inbox to ensure Fieldwire emails are no longer allocated to your Spam / Junk folder.

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