What if I am not receiving reports or emails from Fieldwire?


Overview & background


At times, there can be login, email account or even technical issues that prevent you from receiving reports. This article will help you troubleshoot the non-technical issues that may be why you are not receiving reports.


Email issue - are you using the correct email?


Question Did you enter the correct email when you created your account?
Tip Look at your profile settings to confirm if you are logging in using the correct email address.



Going to 'Profile Settings' to confirm the email address on your account







Change your email address if there is a typo. 


Re-enter the correct email address when you send the report.





Email filters issue? Did you check your spam or junk folder?  


Step 1 Check if the email from Fieldwire is being sent to your spam/junk folder.
Step 2 If the email was being filtered to your Spam/Junk folder, then add support@fieldwire.com as a trusted sender. 
Step 3 You can also add Fieldwire as a known email domain to your company's server. Email support@fieldwire.com to learn more.


More information

Tutorial Video on Profile Settings

Tutorial Video on Project Settings


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