Reports - What reporting options does Fieldwire offer?


Overview & background


Fieldwire offers three reporting options that are available for Premium users in the 'Tasks' tab of Fieldwire. The goal of the reporting options is to export Task data so you can capture and document your entire project.


PDF Summary report


PDF Summary reports offer a quick overview of the project status.

Use case: Export list of the tasks to easily see which tasks are open and which tasks are closed to keep your client in the loop.

Tip: Use the filtering options to ensure you are viewing the relevant information. 

Sample PDF Summary report


Detailed PDF report


A highly customizable and detailed report that can include task photos, checklists and can be filtered by assignee and category. 

Use cases: Punchlists, progress, walkthroughs.

Tip: Use the auto-scheduled emails to automatically send reports to key stakeholders on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Sample PDF Detailed report


Complete CSV (Excel) Export


An excel data dump that has all the information from your project (good for documentation purposes when a project ends - alternatively, good if you want to run custom analytics or reports for your crew).


Use cases: Documentation purposes at project end or transferring information between projects. 

Tip: You can use the downloaded CSV to run custom analysis in a third party software like Excel.

Download Sample CSV report


Need to learn how to Generate reports?


You can view a Help Center article to learn how to generate reports.

You can also view the 'Generating Reports' video tutorial below!


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