How to manage payment information on my Account


Overview & background

This article will give step-by-step instructions on how to change the Credit Card associated with your account, how to change the invoice recipient, and how to view and download previous payment statements. 


How to Change the Credit Card Details on my Account


If the card linked to your paid subscription expires or if you need to update the card on file, follow the steps below to change your credit card details.

Step 1:

Click on the 'Account' tab or the paid subscription plan in the upper right of the screen.


Step 2:

Click on 'Change your payment method'.

Step 3:

Re-enter your payment information.


Step 4:

Click 'Save card' and your new payment information will be associated with the account.


How to change who receives receipt Emails 

The Account Owner can redirect your receipt emails to another individual e.g. your accounting department, under the ‘Account’ tab.

Just enter the email of the new recipient under the ‘Recipient’ section under ‘Invoice Information’.

You can also enter the name of the Company and Address under this section. This will also appear on the receipts that you receive from Fieldwire.




You can also view and download Previous payment statements from Fieldwire by selecting:
'Click here to access your payment history'




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