How do I consolidate paid accounts?


Overview & background

This article applies when your organization has multiple paid accounts. Your team wants to centralize the account owner in order to move a paid account to another paying account or transfer individual paying accounts to a centralized paying account.


When to consolidate paid accounts


When people are paying for their own Fieldwire subscription. You want one person to own the billing process and pay for all subscriptions for your organization. 


Important Note: When a project is transferred to a different account, all users on the account or project are added to the main account. Ensure the correct people are on the Project before transferring project ownership.


Step by step instructions 


Step 1:

The users with obsolete accounts downgrade their paid accounts to a Basic (or free) subscription. 

Step 2:

The new account owner invites all users to their account as Account users. 

Step 3:

Transfer all projects from each obsolete and now non-paying 'Basic' account to the main paid account.


The account has been consolidated once you have completed those steps.


Tip: To verify who has been added to your account on the main dashboard 'People' page. Everyone listed on the Account 'People' tab is covered by your account. 



Examples of account consolidations


Example 1: 

Situation: Bob and Jack are both paying for accounts. Jack's Construction wants the billing to be centralized (with Bob as the Account Owner) so he can pay for everyone. 

To do this: 

  1. Bob downgrades her account to the Basic version
  2. Jack invites Bob to his account as an Account User.
  3. Bob can then 'Transfer' the projects to Jack's paying account by selecting 'Transfer to my Pro/Business/Premier account' (screenshot below).



Example 2

Situation: Construction Inc. has 4 paid accounts. There are 4 Construction Inc. users that each has a credit card linked to their account: George, Bill, Jenny, and Tom. The account owner, George, wants to pay for everyone to centralize billing.

The process is exactly the same:

  1. Bill, Jenny, and Tom downgrade their accounts so they are no longer paying for Fieldwire.
  2. George invites Bill, Jenny, and Tom to his account as Account Users.
  3. Now all users can open the projects they want to transfer to George's account, and select 'Transfer to my Pro/Business/Premier account' (screenshot above).

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