How do I download a form?


Overview & background


When you want to view a completed Form or download a Form to share with others you can download the Form as a PDF or CSV version which can be shared with any interested party.


Note: The Form is not automatically sent to anyone within Fieldwire. The creator, assignee and last editor will get a notification when a form gets submitted. The Form needs to be downloaded and sent to the intended recipient.


How to download one Form as a PDF:


Click on the downward facing arrow and the Form will be automatically downloaded to your computer.


Step 1: 

Click on the downward facing arrow.



Step 2:

The Form will automatically download in your web browser.



Step 3:

Attach the submitted Form to an email and email to the contact(s) who requested the form using your personal email account.


Note: You can only download Forms on the web - not on mobile at present.



How to download multiple Forms or one Form as a CSV:


Step 1:  

Click on the white box to the left of the report title to select the Forms you wish to download. 




Tip: If you select the white box to the left of the Folder title, all the Forms in the folder will be selected. 



Step 2:  

With the Forms selected, click on the 'Actions' button.




Step 3:  

With the Forms selected, click on the 'Export' button.





Step 4:  

Select which Export option you prefer: PDF or CSV. There are examples of what each Form looks like at the bottom of this article.





Step 5:

You will then receive an email with a link to download the Forms.




Note: You can view what the PDF and CSV Forms will look like below.


PDF Form





CSV Form




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