How do I forward the Inspection Request Form to the designated recipient?


Overview & background

The Fieldwire Inspection Request Form is designed to be forwarded to fellow Fieldwire users on the same Fieldwire Project when the status is updated. When the status is updated, a notification is sent within Fieldwire and the form status can be updated, based on status and assignee. 


Inspection Request Form statuses

There are five statuses users can select, based on whether they are the Form Creator, Form Assignee, Project Admin, Project Member, or Project Follower:

  • Draft
  • Ready for inspection
  • Approved
  • Approved as noted
  • Not approved



For more information about user types and Forms permission levels, please view this article.


Inspection Request Form actions, status change and who in the Project is notified

The chart below explains how Actions performed on the Forms affect Forms Statuses and Notifications.




For more information about Inspection Request Forms, check-out this article.  

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