New Feature Updates



Feature Platform Released
On demand plan export with configurable layers Web 11/2018
Plan view available in list form with number of tasks, tags, and current version Web 11/2018
Ability to tag files and filter for files with those tags Web 11/2018
Swipe through photos Android 11/2018
Upload multiple photos from device gallery Android 11/2018
Cropping enabled for the whole plan Android 11/2018
Sort tasks by assignee and category Android 11/2018
Updated search in app Android 11/2018
Single sign on (Beta) iOS 11/2018
Multiple photos upload from library iOS 11/2018
Check item editing iOS 11/2018
iPhone X landscape mode support iOS 11/2018
Option to store files permanently on device iOS 11/2018
Table of Contents option in PDF Detailed Report Web 10/2018
Members can do form actions in batches Web 09/2018
Admins can duplicate Forms Web 09/2018
Unique URL for tasks Web 09/2018
Add form in task on web Web 09/2018
Notification Center on mobile Android, iOS 09/2018
Form Improvements (option to delete form, photos and signature, styling updates, etc) All 09/2018
Automated weather section in Daily Report All 09/2018
Form to tasks All 08/2018
Form to plan hyperlink All 08/2018
Forms launch to all Web 07/2018
Drag and drop tasks on plan Web 07/2018
Payment History section added on Account tab Web 07/2018
Graphs moved to task section Web 07/2018
Forms launch - business only Web 07/2018
Upload files from iCloud and Files app iOS 06/2018
Option to hide unfiltered tasks on plan view Web 06/2018
Updates to Detailed PDF Report (plan thumbnail and section improvements) Web 06/2018
Plan export file name includes plan description Web 06/2018
Gantt view enabled Web 06/2018
Create new locations Android 06/2018
Drag and drop plans into folders on web Web 05/2018
Copy report templates & locations when cloning a project Web 05/2018
Bulk editing tasks on plan view Web 05/2018
Allow users to edit/delete locations Web 05/2018
Tasks remain even when plans and categories are deleted Web 05/2018
Starred projects on web Web 05/2018
Bulk add users to multiple projects Web 05/2018
Task filtering by plan tag Web 05/2018
Prompt cost/manpower when required Android 05/2018
Notifications to show project name Android 04/2018
Bulk plans export for members/followers Web 03/2018
Adjust markup (opacity, line thickness, text size) Web 03/2018
Import locations from Settings tab Web 03/2018
Hashtags now show up as task attributes Web 03/2018
360 photos for business/enterprise iOS 01/2018
Photo markup tool updates (color and font size) iOS 01/2018


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