Why is information missing from my report?


Overview & background


When generating a report on the 'Tasks' tab on Fieldwire, which is a feature available to Premium users, it is possible to select certain report settings that result in the report missing key information or even producing no data at all. 


Why is information missing from my report?

  • Selecting too many Filters
  • Selecting Filters that in combination will not produce any results


Examples of cases where filters 'override' data


Example 1:  You select Assignee > Bob, Categories > Electrical, Status 'P1' and 'P2'.

If Bob does have Electrical tasks, but all Bob's Electrical tasks are 'P3', 'Completed' or 'Verified', then no data will display, because only 'P1' and 'P2' tasks were selected.


Example 2: If you select 'Task #' in the first 'Sort by' section other 'Sort by' options will not display. The reason is that each 'Sort by' option is dependent on the 'Sort by" option before it, and 'Task #' overrides all 'Sort by' options. 



Solution: Make sure that the filters you choose do correspond with the data in your report. Meaning, if you select 1 Assignee with 1 Category, make sure that Assignee has tasks in that 1 category. 


How do I ensure the information appears in my report?


If you generate a report that is missing data or that does not generate any data at all, it can be helpful to eliminate certain Filters and re-send the report to see if that resolves the issue.

Filter setting adjustments:

  • Retained single Assignee
  • Increased number of Categories
  • Removed filters for Hashtags
  • Removed filters for Task Statuses
  • Included all Locations

I kept the single Assignee and removed the 'Task filters' for Hashtags and Location and increased the number of Categories and Statuses. 




The report ended up generating data and populating the intended results.


Tip: You can always add Filters if the reports you are generating are too large. A recommendation would be to start more general and then increase the Filters that are relevant.

More Information

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