Tasks, categories & hashtags


Overview & background


Tasks are a Fieldwire tool that integrates your project data and metrics. You can use Tasks to track progress within Fieldwire as well as export relevant data. 


Image of an open task on the web


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Defining tasks, categories & hashtags 


Task tools & usage


Article Use case
What do the task shapes represent?

Definition of what each task shape represents

Can I link tasks together?

How to create related tasks so tasks are linked

How do I duplicate a task?

How to duplicate tasks on mobile and the web

Can I edit multiple tasks at once?

How to batch edit multiple tasks

How do I use checklists?

How to create checklists in tasks

Can I markup photos on my mobile device?

How you can markup photos in tasks on mobile

Can I move a task onto a plan?

How to move a task onto a plan on the web

How can I add locations?

How to add locations and why to create locations

What is the task importer?

How the 'task importer' tool works

How do I recreate deleted tasks?

Restoring deleting tasks
How do I copy my tasks to another project?

Exporting tasks from one project into another

What is two-step verification?

How Admins can verify completed tasks

Where are my archived tasks/projects?

How to view archived tasks

How can I force my tasks to archive?

How to archive verified tasks


Task communication


Task views


Categories & hashtags


Task video tutorials


Creating tasks video


Managing tasks


Advanced task features



More information


FAQs & Troubleshooting

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