How to use Fieldwire for your Punch List process


Your punch process captured in 4 steps


Punch Lists are a staple of rounding out projects and making sure that your team delivers their best work, so to ensure that nothing ever falls through the cracks, you need the right tools in hand while you’re in the field. 

Staying on top of deficiencies can be quite a jumble, especially when you don’t have an efficient method of tracking these issues but with Fieldwire you can easily reduce confusion and speed up the punch process through four simple steps -- Identify, Document, Share & Track.


Identify by creating tasks


Start by creating a task for your planned punch walk and adding in checklist items or a checklist template.

Tasks can be assigned directly to each person on the team, and you can designate categories, due dates, and priority levels under the Task Attributes on the right side. 




You can also use tasks to quickly document punch items while walking around the job site. If you see an issue just drop a pin on to the plan where it was found.

Add photos and any messages then assign it to the appropriate person by using the "@" sign to make sure it is taken care of.

You can also use the related task feature to tie your tasks together, so your trades know when their punch list work affects that of others and rework is reduced. 


Document work by adding photos and messages


While on site, open up the task and start marking each checklist item off as you complete your walkthrough or inspection. If something isn't finished or there is an issue, double tap the box to mark it as incomplete.





Take photos and use the markup tools to document the issue. You can add notes, attach a crop plan, or add a scribble directly into the task messages.

Tasks can easily be duplicated as well if certain items are found in multiple locations by right clicking and selecting duplicate. 




Share punch items or observations by generating a report


After the formal punch walk, come back to the office and generate a PDF or spreadsheet report by clicking "Generate reports" while on the Task tab. 




You can use a wide range of report filters and sorting options to include the tasks you want in each contractor punch list.  

Once that’s done, send your polished punch list report out to your trades, architects, the design team, the client, or anyone you like. You can set-up automated reports that include all open tasks in punch list format and have them emailed to your team on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or on the fly at any time.


Track open tasks on your task dashboard


You will be instantly be notified every time there is an update to a task either with new photos and comments or once it's been completed through a push notification. 

Track all open or outstanding items on the task dashboard and Admins can easily drag completed tasks to verify them. 



Every task created in Fieldwire will have to go through a two-step verification process. This ensures that deficiencies are completed correctly making it a breeze to finish your project strong and reach a successful project closeout. 


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