How to use Fieldwire for your Photo Documentation process


Overview & background


Photo documentation is not only important for tracking the overall progress of your project, but also to keep a visual record which you can later reference. It can be time consuming and tedious to manage your photos and accurately document the entire duration of a project, especially for large projects!

Fieldwire streamlines your photo documentation process by allowing you to hyperlink progress photos to plans and attach photos to tasks, whilst automatically organizing photos in the Photos tab.

Attach progress photos directly to plans

The camera icon on the markup toolbar (within the hyperlinking options) can be used to document progress photos on your project,  allowing you to build up a timestamped, rolling history in a particular location. To do this:

  • Pin the camera icon directly to the area on your plans.
  • Take a photo or use a previously taken one from your camera roll.
  • Next time you visit that area, you can add photos, 360º photos or even a short video to that same camera icon to document change over time. 


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When you export your plans from Fieldwire, the progress photos will remain hyperlinked to your plans so you can send them to anyone in or outside of Fieldwire.

Tip 1: You can upload multiple photos from your camera roll at once.

Tip 2: You can't markup progress photos or attach due dates, priorities or messages to them. This can be done through Fieldwire ‘tasks’.

Create tasks and attach photos to document issues 

Create a task anytime there is an issue, observation, or site condition that you want to document and communicate to your team. You can do this by:




Tip 1: Generate a detailed PDF report to share all of the photos and task information with people outside of Fieldwire.

Filter, attach to tasks and export photos on the Photos tab

All photos are collated in the ‘Photos’ tab, whether they are task or progress photos. You can also upload photos directly to this tab if they are not associated with a particular area or task. To manage your photos:

  • Click 'Filter Photos' in the upper right to filter by assignee, tags or time period taken. 


If you'd like to associate a photo with an existing task, select specific photos and click 'Actions' and 'Attach to tasks'.

When you are ready to export your photos from Fieldwire, you can either select all photos or individual ones, then click the red 'Actions' button and choose 'Export' from the drop down menu. You will receive an email with a downloadable link with the exported photos.

Tip 1: If you see a photo of interest in the Photos tab, you can open the photo and select the arrow to navigate directly to where this photo was taken, whether it be in a task or attached to a plan. A great way to gain full visibility over your project.


Using Fieldwire, you will have photo documentation of your entire project from beginning to end and an easy, smooth project turnover.

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