Task Watchers


Overview & Background

Task Watchers are people on your project who are involved with work related to a task. They may not be the assignee, but it would still be helpful for them to stay up-to-date with the status and progress of the task.

When you add Watchers, you ensure that other users aside from the assignee or those who are mentioned in comments will receive
notifications for task updates.


How to add or remove a task watcher

On the web, select a task. The ‘Watchers’ section is under “Task attributes”.

The task assignee, creator and any user who commented in the task will automatically be added as ‘Watchers’.

Any users tagged in a task using the @ symbol will also appear as task watchers.
Please reference this article for more details.


  • Project Admins can select the ‘Watchers’ drop-down menu and add or remove any watchers (aside from the assignee).

  • Members and Followers can add watchers, but can only remove themselves from being a watcher (if they are not the assignee).

  • Followers only have access to the tasks they are watching. Followers will lose access to a task if they are removed as watchers of that task.


More Information

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