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Overview & Background

Fieldwire, as a collaboration-based platform, promotes transparency and consistency across teams. We recognize, though, the need for users to be able to add their own private notes and markups on drawings. To balance both, we have introduced a new markup color (purple) that is tied to privacy. 


Create a Private Markup 

Markups drawn in purple remain private to the author. Other users on the project won’t be able to see them. The author will have access to their private markups from any devices (web, iOS, Android). 

To create a private Markup, simply select the private markup color from the 'Color Selector', and add a purple markup. At the moment only Project Admins and Members can create Private Markups. 

Note:  All content made by the markup tools (pen, text, highlighter, clouds, measurements, etc.) can be made private. Users cannot make private tasks or hyperlinks.


Color Palette on Web 



Color Palette on Mobile (iOS)



Edit a Private Markup


You can change the privacy nature of a markup by updating its color. Only the markup creator will have the option to make a markup private. 




Right-click on the markup (or long-press on mobile), and choose 'Details'. Then choose Purple to make the markup private, or a different color to make the markup public. Repeat this step for any other related markups. 


The Markup Attributes Pop-Up on Web


Note: Right-click on the markup and select 'Details' to access this menu. 


The Markup Attributes Menu on Mobile (Android)



Note: Long-press on any markup, then select 'Details' to access this menu. 

A Markup that was made Private on the Web 



Filter for Markups by Color

You can choose to 'Filter' your markups to only display markups that were made private. This will be the best way to reduce the amount of potential noise on the plan so you can only view the private markups you have made. 




Note:  At the moment, Private markups are currently excluded from all PDF exports of plans.
Plans exported to the “As-builts” folder via the 2-way sync also exclude private markups.

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